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The school cooks fresh meals internally and daily for all children.

It complies with all standards of HACCP by providing selected and fresh products, with a partner and certified company, favouring a balanced diet for each of the ages of our children.

The canteen is a socialisation space where basic communication happens at the level of early childhood education, providing an opportunity for learning social and cultural behaviours - learning to behave during mealtimes, using cutlery, to recognise flavours, to dialogue and to acquire healthy habits of food. All meals served by the school- snacks or lunches - have an educational intentionality and they are one of our education strategies for a healthy diet. 

The menus are carefully prepared by a nutritionist, balancing the various proteins and food tastes, and are available on the school internal platform. The menu includes a daily vegetarian option.

Parents and guardians of the children who, for health reasons, have a different diet, should notify in advance the school direction so that the menu can be adjusted.

Besides the children and the school staff, parents may occasionally have lunch with the children when requested on the previous working day.

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