Who we are

Who we are

COLÉGIO S. GONÇALO is a private school that has an educational offer of Nursery, Crèche, Pre-School Education and 1st Cycle, in a familiar and multicultural environment.



COLÉGIO S. GONÇALO is a private school that has an educational offer of Nursery, Crèche, Pre-School Education and 1st Cycle, in a familiar and multicultural environment. 

Colégio opened on the 7th of June 2010 and has the capacity to accommodate about 250 children from 4 months to 10 years of age, having started with only Nursery and Pre-school, continuing with the opening of the 1st cycle the following year. 

Awarded twice with the Prize of the best School in the Algarve by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Government of Portugal in 2013 and 2015. 

With a bilingual education (Portuguese - English) in Preschool and introduction of a second language in the 2 years of the Crèche, it grants its students a multicultural environment, with a population of over 15 different nationalities, in a global city perspective. 

In the 1st Cycle we focus on a rigorous and demanding education, where amusement is a condition. We follow the Portuguese national curriculum, with a strong English component, enabling the accomplishment of the Young Learners Exams. We invest in innovation and provide the latest technology to our students on a regular basis, as having an iPad per student, allowing a dynamic with a constantly updated education. We started in 2020 with a unique Socioemotional Education program in Portugal - PATHS Education from the USA from the age of 3 onwards in order to provide students with emotional self-awareness and appropriate skills to manage their emotions in a positive way and contribute to a better relationship with each other.

With weekly sportive and musical activities, our students also practise meditation daily enabling a physical, mental and emotional balance of each child. 

One of the major challenges of the Education Project of Colégio S. Gonçalo is "to help to fly" each of the children who attend it, allowing them to explore, to the limit, their skills and guiding them to the construction and leadership of a project of life that allows them to be happy with themselves and with others. 

We will work hard to help our students become:
  • Competent and knowledgeable from an early age;
  • Capable of thinking and acting with spontaneity and autonomy;
  • Creative and open to new ideas;
  • Respectful of a healthy life-style;
  • Disciplined and well-organized in both their attitude actions;
  • Tolerant and sensitive to others;
  • Balanced at all levels;
  • Capable of a sense of solidarity with the rest of the global community.

Overall, we hope to positively contribute to your child’s early education, preparing him or her in every way possible for an exceptional and bright future.



Colégio S. Gonçalo is committed to your child’s well-being, from the first months of life through graduation to elementary school. It provides an excellent foundation for learning, encourage the development of your child’s unique personality and values in a multicultural environment and contribute to the health and happiness of his or her family relationships. In all of these ways S. Gonçalo will grant your child a crucial head start towards success no matter what life paths he or she follows.




Our teachers and support staff are committed to certain values which, as a whole, will benefit the child and his/her family in all aspects of his/her life.

These values are:



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