July 2021

The 4th grade class – Yellow classroom, with their participation in the SeguraNet Challenges was a winner again for the year 2020-2021


SuperTmatik Championship, Green Classroom from the 1st Cycle won in the mental calculation category. More than 19 810 participants from all over the world were involved in this championship:




Luca Varani


Alice Batista


Afonso Dias


Rita Serras


Pedro Santos

In the "Conta-nos uma História" competition, the Yellow classroom of 4th year applied for the film Protect Forests, Protect All of Us and got 3rd place for the story in English at a national level in an analysis of 320 stories. (in Gallery / Videos)


World Day of Hand Hygiene, 1st Cycle Schools, allusive to the theme: Hand Hygiene, in the form of a videoClass Yellow - 4th year made a video with the theme Hands that feel. The jury awards the prize to two schools per region. Colégio S. Gonçalo was one of the winners in the Algarve. (You can watch the video in the Gallery / Videos)

June 2020


The student Mila Hoines received an Honorable Mention in the Contest A Literary Adventure ... 2020, as well as the student Ema Quitéria who also received the same Honorable Mention for works developed in drawings.

The Yellow - 3rd year class again won the SeguraNet 2019/2020 Contest.

June 2019

The second year Yellow class - with their participation in the SeguraNet Challenges in the 1st Cycle – was a winner with three comic book works, poster and a conception of a story, which they performed during the year.

The school competed with seven projects carried out in the last two years of the Selo Escola Amiga da Criança (Child Friendly School Stamp) in the areas of Extracurricular and / or Disciplinary Activities, Digital, Food, Health and Environment, lastly, Family and Community Involvement of the Leya Education Group in partner with CONFAP (National Confederation of Parents Associations) and Psychologist Eduardo Sá. With great joy and pride when there were more than 3000 applications, of the seven projects presented we were distinguished in six by the Child Friendly School Stamp, namely:

  • Clube Ciência no Colégio - Partnership with Clube Ciência Viva Lagos - 1st Cycle
  • A Flash to My Past - Cross-Schoolwide Project 2017-2018
  • Knowledge at the Tip of the Fingers - Projects with iPads in the 1st Cycle
  • Balance in a Conscious Food - Project of improvements in food and cooking activity
  • Here and Now - Meditation Project
  • 10-year speeches - Youth Leadership Program - Toasmasters - 4th year

You can see the various distinctions in the following link:


In the ALOHA - Mental Arithmetic National Championship where more than 120 students from various schools from all over the country, held last May in Lisbon, our participating students had the following classifications:

  • Daniel Rocha - Tiny 2 - 2nd Place
  • Joana Pedroso - Tiny 4 - 1st Place
  • Manuel Nascimento - Tiny 4 - 2nd Place
  • Vasco Farinha - Kids 3 - 1st Place


June 2018

In the Contest “Conta-nos uma História”, promoted by the Ministry of Education, the Red ClassRoom, the story told in English, in audio format, "The Ugly Duckling" by the team "Neptuno", was one of the winners in category 3rd and 4th Year.

The first year classes - the Orange and Yellow classes with their participation in the SeguraNet Challenges in the 1st Cycle - were both winners with the video and plastic works they did during the year.

As part of the "Leitor | Escritor", promoted by the Municipality of Lagos, students Emma Tozzato and Diniz Graça, 3rd year of the Red Room, received, by the hands of the author Nuno Caravela, the 1st and 2nd places respectively, of the category Illustration (3rd and 4th years).

In the Algarve Regional Championship of ALOHA - Mental Arithmetic, 1st place Pré Tiny went to student Daniel Rocha of Yellow room, 1st place Tiny 2 went to Luz Ramos, from Red room and the 3rd place Tiny 2 went to the Tova Sproston student of the Green Room.

In the National Championship of ALOHA - Mental Arithmetic where more than 600 students participated in the whole country, our Vasco Duarte won the 1st place in the category of Tiny 2.

June 2017

Conta-nos uma História, promoted by the Ministry of Education, Sala Green won the 1st place in the group of 1st and 2nd years in the video format with the movie - O Pirata das Ilhas da Bruma.

The 4th Year - Navy class room with its participation in the SeguraNet Challenges in the 1st Cycle - was the winner with the video and plastic works that it was carried out during the year.

May 2017

Inês Gonçalves, from the Orange Room and Bruno Bonis, from the Navy Room of the 1st Cycle received an Honorable Mention from the contest Uma Aventura Literária, in the drawing category.

January 2017

The Fundação Ilídio Pinho awarded our school with the program - Meditation to the Service of Education, for the development of a set of Meditations for Children that are available on Youtube, in the channel of the Colégio, for any child in the World to be able to hear and use them.

May 2016

Ana Violeta Coucelo, from 2nd Year was awarded an Honourable Mention in the contest Uma Aventura... Literária 2016, of a total of 14.064 works in the Country and Abroad.

October 2015

1st prize for the student Diniz Graça, in the pre-school category in XIII Edition of digital artists contest in the academic year 2013/2014, sponsored by the city of Lagos.

June 2015

8th edition of expressive reading competition "Read With ..." 2015
1st place to the Student Vasco Ramos Monteiro, with the maximum score of 30 points and 5th place to Gabriel Venâncio Fialho, both of the 4th year, among 35 participating schools from Vila do Bispo, Aljezur and Lagos, celebrating Portugal Day in a great celebration of reading and of the Portuguese language.

April 2015

2014 - Ministry of Education and Science - Government of Portugal - award for the best educational practices in regional terms. - 1st place Best Algarve School.

June 2014

Kangaroo Mathematics Contest, sponsored by the Faculty of Mathematics, Universidade de Coimbra, in the category Mini-School I, we had the following results in the 2nd year of the CEB:
1st - Simão Areia Nunes Nobre
9th - Cian Ryan Cascão
22th - Irís Marino Génio

In the Category Mini-School II, the Colégio S. Gonçalo positioned the following students of the 3rd year of the CEB:
19th - Phillip Christopher James
41th - Rafael Filipe Canelas
44th - Finn Ryan Cascão

May 2014

Martim Cunha was in 40th place and Pedro Carvalho in 170th place, both students of 1st year 1st cycle in superTmatik Championship - Category 1 Mental Calculation, out of a total of 256 000 students and 61 nationalities. Maria Catarina Ramires Fonseca, of 2nd year of 1st Cycle was awarded an Honorable Mention in the contest Uma Aventura ... Literária 2014, of a total of over 10 000 works, of more than 400 schools, in the Country and Abroad.

June 2013

1st Prize Mathematical Kangaroo Without Borders 2012/2013 with the student of 2nd year CEB - Phillip Christopher James, promoted by the Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science and Technology, University of Coimbra with the support of the Portuguese Society of mathematical.

May 2013

Success Story Program sponsored by NERA MOVEpme
The Colégio S. Gonçalo was considered a Success Story Program MOVEpme sponsored by NERA - Business Association of the Algarve Region and AIP - Associação Industrial Portuguesa for 3 Good Practices identified, namely:
- Definition and implementation of the Quality System (ISO 9001 standard)
- Methodologies applied first aid for children and babies - Pediatric Basic Life Support
- Cohesion, team spirit and internal communication

May 2013

1st Prize “Southeast Asia; Threats and Challenges”. The prize was awarded by Lisbon Zoo and the Ministry of Education and Science, with a board-game entitled "Treasures at risk".

March 2013

2nd Place at the regional level of the competition " Fruit Heroes” Snack Healthy School Project 2012/2013, sponsored by APCOI - PORTUGUESE ASSOCIATION AGAINST CHILDHOOD OBESITY.

February 2013

School Award 2012 - Ministry of Education and Science - Government of Portugal - a distinction for the best educational practices in regional terms - Best School of the Algarve.

July 2012

1st place in the 1st Contest of Great Painters of the Colégio da Penina.

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